Minsk is not a very big city, you can drive through it in just 40 minutes, and taxis are quite affordable. Nevertheless, if you feel more comfortable driving yourself or want to visit other Belarusian towns on your own, we will help you rent a car.

  • The car rental costs in Minsk vary from $20 (economy class) to $250 (prestige class). 
  • The paperwork takes about 15 minutes.
  • You can also rent a car or a minibus with the driver. 

You can choose the car rental services provider at.

How do I rent a car in Minsk on my own?

  • Choose a car on the car rental services provider’s website.
  • Call them over the phone or submit the request via the contact form or email. 
  • Submit your passport and drivers license data.
  • Prepare a security deposit ($35-50).
  • Take away the rented car or utilize the car delivery service(from $10).
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