We can register our guests indicating the address of their stay. In order to do that, we will need your passport, medical insurance, and the migration card.

What is the registration of foreign citizens?

Registration is the procedure of acquiring a permission to stay on the territory of Belarus by the foreign citizen.

When do I have to register?

Those foreign citizens, who arrive in Belarus, must register their arrival in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a hotel or in a health resort at the address of their factual sojourn within five days with the exception of weekends, state holidays and the days-off appointed by President of the Republic of Belarus.

The exceptions for the above-stated rule are citizens of Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine who are released from the registration for their stay in Belarus for 30 days from the moment of their crossing the border.

Foreign citizens sojourning or residing in Belarus must live at the address where they are registered at migration and registration offices.

Citizens who need visa to enter Belarus are registered for the term, mentioned in their application form or in the petition of the receiving organization but can not exceed the term of visa validity. Citizens of the visa-free states are registered for the period, stipulated by the international agreement of the state with the Republic of Belarus. In case there is no such contract with Belarus or if the period is not indicated in the agreement, a foreign citizen is registered for the term mentioned in his/her application or in the petition of the receiving organization but not more than for 90 days in a calendar year from the moment of his/her crossing the border.

What documents are required for the registration?

  • An application form issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a petition from the receiving organization. 
  • A valid passport or another ID appropriate to go abroad 
  • A migration card (except for the citizens of Russia and citizens who were freed from filling it out). If you didn’t fill out the migration card upon the arrival in Belarus, you will be registered based on the information provided in other documents.
  • A medical insurance.
  • A receipt issued upon paying the registration fee.
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